Vanquish 1.9 IFR Slim Inner Beadlock Wheel Ring Bronze Anodized VPS05436

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Vanquish Products 1.9 IFR Slim Inner Ring. The IFR system has been developed to add color combinations and styles. A unique locking mechanism makes installation of the IFR ring simple. The IFR ring must be installed under an IFR Ready Beadlock Ring. Not compatible with non-IFR beadlock rings, look for the "IRF Ready" logo on the Beadlock Ring image or in the IFR rings section.

This IFR Slim Ring has a machined step on the front side with 3 locking points unique to the IFR system. Install an IFR inner ring to add depth and color to your wheel assembly.

  • Requires an IFR Ready beadlock ring. Does not work with non IFR Ready beadlock rings.
  • One per package
  • Does not include hardware
  • See image of exploded view
  • Works with IFR rings (Other colors available)
  • *Not compatible with Vanquish Products Method Roost, or Incision wheels.

**Due to the nature of anodizing aluminum, the shade of color may differ from the image shown or between batches.