Futaba 3PV 2.4G Transmitter with R314SB Receiver FUT3PVR314SB

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The Futaba 3PV sport surface radio with 314SB receiver is lightning-fast and built for serious drivers.

Fast, yet lightweight sport surface radio
Futaba’s 3PV all new sport surface radio is the lightest, most innovative radios there is on the market. You just need to hold it in both hands to feel just how light it is. All of its features are in easy access too – controlled from the big screen.

The menu is instinctive and knows what you need. With the 3PV, you truly feel like you’re in control.

Race day won’t know what’s hit it… with the 3PV
This is the most flexible of surface systems, and it comes with the 314SB receiver. Control the steering and throttle end points, and access the steering, throttle and steering dual rate digital trims with ease. They’re found around the wheels, so they’re not hard to find. You can program 3rd channel functions from here.

Easy to access battery, stay powered for longer
Accessing the battery compartment is simple, through the transmitter’s base. It can hold 4 x AA batteries, NiMHs (such as the Futaba HT5F1800B) or a lithium pack, like the LifeSource 6.6V 1900mAh 3C.

If you’re looking for a surface radio that’s equipped the sport of car racing, don’t look past the Futaba 3PV. It’s got absolutely everything you need, to win every race.


  • 10-model memory, for great flexibility
  • Get alarmed when the battery is low
  • Steering, throttle and sub trim
  • Adjust the steering and throttle end point
  • Lightweight, easy usage
  • ABS functionality
  • 4WS / brake mixing
  • Automatically powers off, after 10 minutes
  • Throttle fail safe, so you’re always in control


  • (4) "AA" alkaline batteries, or 6.6V 1900mAh LiFe battery (HCAM6521), or 6V NiMH Battery (FUTM1482)