Hobbyzone HBZ3800 AeroScout S 1.1m RTF RC Pusher Trainer Plane

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The new HobbyZone AeroScout S makes learning how to fly a Radio controlled aeroplane easier than ever before.

100% complete including a controller/transmitter, battery and charger so there's nothing extra to buy or provide
Equipped with exclusive SAFE technology that helps prevent crashes and makes it easy to learn how to fly
Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced flight modes you can easily change between at the flip of a switch
Panic Recovery mode at the push of a button to prevent loss of control and crashes
Spektrum DXe controller/transmitter with industry leading DSMX 2.4GHz technology for reliable control without interference
Spektrum 2200mAh 3S 11.1V Smart LiPo battery and S120 USBC Smart charger for easier and safer charging
Powerful and efficient brushless power system for excellent performance and long flight times
"Pusher" power configuration for improved safety plus better propeller and motor protection
Oversized tires and steerable nose wheel for easy take-offs and landings on grass and other surfaces
Capable of aerobatic manoeuvres including loops, rolls and upside down (inverted) flight
Lightweight yet extremely durable EPO construction perfect for first time pilots
Full line of replacement/spare parts available.

Making the perfect training aircraft due to is super durable construction and proprietary SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology. SAFE technology helps prevents crashing by providing flight modes that are easy to operate giving the new pilot more time to think. Beginner, intermediate and advanced modes change the level of stability and assistance provided by the SAFE system at the simple flip of a switch.

The Hobbyzone AeroScout S is the ideal trainer for the beginner pilot, coming factory fitted with the amazing SAFE technology that will give the newcomer supreme confidence in their first flying experience. SAFE technology helps with loss of orientation and over control, these two factors cause a majority of the crashes that a beginner will face early on in their RC career, this makes the Hobbyzone AeroScout a plane that almost anyone can fly with great success! Not only do the flight modes help you to fly at a level that is comfortable but the Panic recovery system allows you to return to straight and level flight at the push of a button, In any flight mode. Using a “Pusher” style motor setup means that there is much more protection than a conventional front motor aircraft during a crash. Mounting the motor up high also gives better safety, with no risk of the propeller cutting or damaging objects during take-off and landing.

Constructed from durable EPO foam the AeroScout is super durable and can withstand small impact’s and crashes well. Large tyres and a steerable nose wheel give excellent ground handling and great authority when taxiing the model over a variety of surfaces. Whether you’re flying from a soccer field or a school over or even an empty carpark, the AeroScout will handle really positively. The RTF (Ready to fly) version uses the proven and reliable Spektrum DSMX 2.4GHZ system with the DXe transmitter and a Spektrum smart LiPo and charger meaning that you won’t need to purchase any more items before getting flying!

The AeroScout is not just a beginner’s dream, this is also a capable aerobat in its own right. The powerful brushless system gives great flight times and power along with the speed to perform aerobatic maneuvers till your heart’s content. Along with being durable and a great trainer the AeroScout is super light, this means that the wide flight envelope and incredible low speed handling are something that both beginners and experienced pilots can enjoy. For those of you that already have a Spektrum transmitter, the BNF (Bind and Fly) version is going to be your perfect choice to allow you to continue using your favourite transmitter.

What's in the Box?
(1) HobbyZone AeroScout S 1.1m with:
(1) 30A Brushless ESC (installed)
(1) Brushless Outrunner Motor (installed)
(4) Sub-Micro Servos (installed)
(1) Spektrum AR636 6-Channel Receiver (installed)
(1) Spektrum DXe Controller/Transmitter
(1) Spektrum 2200mAh 3S 11.1V Smart LiPo Battery
(1) Spektrum S120 USB-C Smart Charger
(4) AA Alkaline Batteries (for the DXe controller/transmitter)
(1) Product Manual