Huina HN1580 RC Construction 1/14 Full Metal Excavator

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Just like a real excavator! Huina 580 is built entirely of metal: tracks, wagon, turret, cabin, boom, pistons, and bucket are all made of a strong and heavy metal alloy that will ensure resistance, durability and operational stability. This model uses powerful proportional control engines that allow you to dig easily and efficiently. All arm movements are independent and perform work geometries comparable to a real excavator allowing you to dig with wide beams and even below the level of the tracks. The continuous rotating turret hides a sound module, a smoke generator and the battery compartment easily accessible. The robust undercarriage, made entirely of metal, houses a pair of powerful engines connected to the tracks.

Please Note: Smoke Generator Function

Do not continue to use the smoke feature if no smoke is emitting from the exhaust. Continuing to use this feature once the smoke oil has been used will permanently damage the heating element within. Please cease using this feature until more oil has been applied to the model and allowed to soak into the wool that is housed inside the smoke chamber.

Included items:

  • Huina 580 metal excavator 1Pc
  • 2.4GHz Radio 1Pc
  • Operated demolition hammer 1Pc
  • Sorting clamp 1Pc
  • Battery 1Pc
  • USB charger 1Pc
  • Instructions 1Pc