Kyosho Fantom Electric 4WD Racing RC Pan Car EP 4WD Kit 30635

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The king of 1/12 electric racing returns…

with its captivating avant-garde design!

In august 1983, a mere six months after its debut, a new Kyosho machine blew its more established rivals away at the 5th JMRCA 1/12 Electric Racing Car Japan Nationals, held at a specially built track at Nakayama Racecourse Chiba Prefecture. RC on-road racing was changed for a generation by the 1/8 FANTOM 20 EXP 4WD engine racing car, and its bloodlines ran strong in the FANTOM EP 4WD. The FANTOM EP 4WD revives its glory days as the first on-road racing model and 9th addition to the Kyosho Vintage Series! The 1/12 on-road racing scene of the time featured a variety of designs such as 3-point suspension and 4-wheel independent suspension, 4WD ladder-chain drive + front one-way bearing system that normally didn’t produce front drive but drove the inside wheel when power was applied through turns for stable cornering and minimal drive loss. The FANTOM EP 4WD pioneered specs such as the FRP chassis that created a suspension effect that delivered optimal weight balance on the inside wheel. The 2020 version model not only recreates the look and feel of the original, but also maintains the superior cornering speed and stability, even on low grip surfaces, with its part-time 4WD and front one way. As with all Vintage Series models, each key component is consistent with the original design but has been improved to handle the latest power sources and deliver the FANTOM’s distinctive sharp handling and control on modern RC circuits.

Length 345mm
Width 172mm
Height 83mm
Chassis type: Chain drive 4WD
Wheelbase: 199-200mm (Adjustable)
Motor 540class (both sold separately)
1st gear ratio: 3.38:1

Kit Contents:

  • Chassis kit
  • Adhesive shaped tire
  • Unpainted body
  • Decal
  • Wheel wrench(12/4.0)
  • 5.5/4.5wrench

Required for Operation:

  • 2ch, 1 servo, 1 ESC R/C system
  • Motor
  • Battery for chassis
  • Battery charger
  • Batteries for transmitter
  • Paint for body