Maverick MM-550 15T Brushed 550 Motor MV150040

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The MM-550 15T Electric Motor is the most powerful brushed motor in the Maverick line-up! If you're looking for an easy to use power boost for your off-road racer or touring car RC, this is the motor you've been looking for!

The large 550 can size means you'll get extra torque for excellent acceleration and pop over jumps, while the 15-turn construction gives you great top speeds.

Features standard motor mounting screw locations for an easy drop-in fit for most 1/10th scale RC kits.

Note: if replacing a standard motor in most RTR vehicles, you will need to alter the spur gear and pinion gear to match the extra power and RPM of this motor. Check your speed controller to make sure it can work properly with brushed type motors with 15 turns or less.

Compatible With

  • MV150000 - Maverick Phantom XT Standard Part
  • MV150100 - Quantum MT Standard Part
  • MV150101 - Quantum MT Standard Part
  • MV150105 - Quantum XT Standard Part
  • MV150106 - Quantum XT Standard Part