OZRC Coreless 32kg HV Metal Gear Water Proof Steering Servo 25T Red

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Introducing the 2023 OZRC 32kg steering servo, designed with fast response times and durable all metal gears to ensure the highest level of performance. With a powerful internal motor, it is perfect for your on-road touring and drift cars all the way to the most demanding rock crawlers!


  • Operating torque:
  • 6.0v: 22kg-cm (375 oz-in)
  • 7.4v: 29kg-cm (403 oz-in)
  • 8.4v: 32kg-cm (444 oz-in)
  • Dynamic speed:
  • 6.0v: 0.092sec/60°
  • 7.4v: 0.089sec/60°
  • 8.4v 0.083sec/60°
  • Weight: 77g
  • Full metal gear set
  • IP67 ingress protection 
  • Colour: black/red