Pitbull Braven 1.9 Bloodaxe Scale Tyre W/ Foam (Alien Kompound) PB9023AK

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Pit Bull RC proudly introduces our New SCALE 4.6x1.31-1.9 Braven BloodAxe... *designed to conquer any trail! The 1.9 BloodAxe tyre! Based on the 1:1 Braven BloodAxe tyres with intricate details to match its big brother in looks, as well as performance!

The BloodAxe features tiny siped lugs and an open spaced design to provide incredible traction in any environment!

Take your scale 1.9 R/C game to the next level with a tyre that is “as scale as it gets”!

Don’t believe us? Good! We are from the “Show-Me” state and we don’t believe 99% of what we read either!!! So wait until your friends get some and then be that guy who finally admits that “yeah...should have been the first to run ‘em!"