Prime RC Mini S Cub 450mm RTF RC Plane Trainer Mode 1 PMQTOP106B03M1

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The Prime RC Mini S Cub 450 is the perfect beginner's model. It comes completely Ready to Fly and with the inbuilt gyro, it is really easy to fly.


  • 100% complete and can be flown as soon as you get it out of the box
  • At the flick of a switch change between Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced flight modes
  • Ultra Micro size enables you to fly at your local park
  • 2.4GHz technology in the supplied transmitter
  • 4-channel control (aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle) to cover training in aerobatics
  • Aerobatic capabilities include rolls, loops and inverted flight
  • Includes a USB charger and LiPo battery giving you convenient recharging and longer flight times
  • Durable lightweight construction that is ideal for first-time pilots
  • Complete range of spare and replacement parts are available
  • (4) AA batteries included for the transmitter


  • Wingspan: 450mm (17.7in)
  • Length: 322mm (12.7in)
  • Flying weight: 75g (2.6oz)
  • Material: EPP foam
  • Motor: 1020 coreless motor
  • Speed controller: 4 in 1 (ESC + Servo + gyro + receiver)
  • Servo: (2) 1.3g servos, (1) 2g servo
  • Battery: 3.7v 400mah 20C LiPo
  • Charger: USB cable
  • Charging time: 50-60mins
  • Remote control: 2.4GHz 4CH
  • Control distance: Approx 200m
  • Experience level: Beginners Flying 
  • Environment: Fly both Outdoor and Indoor
  • Flight time: 12-15mins
  • Flaps: No