Pro Boat 17 inch Brushless Power Boat Racer Deep-V Miss Geico RTR PRB08044T1

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The Pro Boat 17" Power Boat Racer Self-Righting Deep-V with Smart Technology is the perfect boat for any skill level. The pre-installed water-cooled 2950kv brushless motor and 30a Dynamite ESC provide amazing torque and breathtaking speed powering the 17in Deep V hull to upwards of 45km/h. The handy self-righting technology allows you to push the boat hard without fear of swimming out to retrieve it from the water, in a matter of seconds the hull self-rights and is ready to go again!

The convenient Spektrum S120 USB-C smart charger is included in the box and along with the 1300mah 3S 11.1V Smart LiPo battery, you can charge almost anywhere! The Smart Technology improves battery life and monitors battery health at the same time. No matter your skill level the Power Boat Racer has all the features that experts and beginners would need in a deep-v boat!

If this is your first RC boat, click here for some tips and tricks!

NOTICE: Running the boat in salt water (e.g. sea water or salt chlorinated pools) could cause some parts to corrode. If you run the boat in salt water, make sure it is rinsed thoroughly in fresh water after each use and lubricate the drive system. Because of the corrosive effects, running the boat in salt water is at the discretion of the owner and will void the boat’s warranty.