Proline Flat Iron 1.9" XL G8 Rock Terrain Rock Crawler Tyres (2pcs) PR10112-00

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This is a pair of 1.9" Flat Iron XL Tyres. The 1.9" Flat Iron is BACK in Extra Large form to suit your scale rig! The hugely popular 1.9" Super Swamper XL paved the way for larger 1.9" scale tyres and the new 1.9" Flat Iron XL follows the "bigger is better" mantra. The beloved Flat Iron tread pattern combines scale realism and all out rock climbing performance that you have come to expect from Pro-Line tyres. The large lug pattern combined with siping allows the tyre to have the perfect amount of flex under throttle acceleration. In fact, in our testing, the Flat Iron's response to throttle acceleration was unmatched. The Flat Iron tyre is made to climb up anything that you challenge it with.


  • Aggressive tread makes a perfect blend for a variety of surfaces
  • A true rock crawling look
  • Foams Inserts Included
  • Made from the legendary G8 Rock Crawling compound
  • Made in the USA


  • 2pcs Flat Iron Tyre & Foam Insert