PROLINE Megalodon Blake Wilkey Black Body Slash 2wd/4x4 - PR3563-18

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This is a Megalodon Blake Wilkey Edition Desert Buggy Black Body. Pro-Line is proud to collaborate with Shreddy Lyfe's own Blake Wilkey on a re-creation of The Megalodon: a dune-shredding, wheelie-popping, supercharged V8-powered beast of a buggy! You may remember Blake from the infamous Urban Assault video tearing up the streets of San Diego. Now, you can create your own viral videos by transforming your Slash® 2wd or Slash ® 4x4 with this officially-licensed, super scale body! All the details of Blake's beast are captured including molded engine details, roof-mounted air scoop, add-on rear fenders, and shark-inspired side wings.

The Blake Wilkey Edition Megalodon is molded in our durable Tough-Color Black material, which means you can go full-send without any fear of paint chipping off since the black is infused directly into the material. A fully precut wrap is included to deck out your Megalodon with Blake's sponsors and signature fluorescent pink & teal livery. Window details are also included with optional Wilkey & co-pilot driver figure stickers.

To create the most scale Megalodon possible, we recommend using Hyrax SCXL 2.2"/3.0" tires for that killer oversized look. Thrash your local bash spot with the new Megalodon body from Pro-Line and Shreddy Lyfe!


  • Fully Licensed Replica of Blake Wilkey’s Megalodon
  • Incredible Scale Details
  • Pre-Cut Wrap with Sponsor Logos & Livery
  • Made from Durable Tough Color Black Polycarbonate

Four steps to Shred Ready:
1.) Follow the included instruction sheet to trim your body
2.) Add Wrap graphics
3.) Attach Rear Fenders
4.) Mount your new body onto your a SC
Made in the USA, since 1982

What's Included:

  • Blake Wilkey Edition Megalodon Desert Buggy Black Body (1 pc)
  • Pre-Cut Wrap Graphics
  • Add-on rear Fenders & Side Wings
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Fender & Side Wing Mounting Hardware


Slash® 2wd
Slash® 4x4
Losi® Tenacity® TT Pro 4WD (with modifications)
Use LOS230079 LED, Cage Parts from Lasernut kit to replace front bumper and front body mounts.


  • Length: 19" (482mm)
  • Width at Front: 6.5" (166mm)
  • Width at Rear: 8.5" (215mm)
  • Width at Doors: 7.5” (190mm)
  • Height: 5.8" (156mm)
Wheelbase: 13.2" (335mm)