Sanwa/Airtronics MT-R FH5 4-Channel 2.4GHz Radio System w/RX-493i Receiver

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This is the Sanwa/Airtronics MT-R FH5 4-Channel 2.4GHz Radio System. Priced to take on mid-level transmitters and packed with high end features the MT-R is an excellent choice for beginners to experts. Using Sanwa Ultra Response technology, high resolution FH5 RF mode and SSL code 10 compatible this transmitter offers a secure fast connection to your model. Designed as a replacement for the popular MT-S transmitter the MT-R delivers the same proven performance as it's predecessor with added features and performance. This combo includes one RX-493i receiver and the transmitter requires just four AA batteries to get up and running.


  • White led back light
  • Large full-dot lcd monitor(128x64dot)
  • St th tension adjustment
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Telemetry function
  • Dual rate
  • Servo speed
  • Servo reverse
  • Trim/sub trim
  • Curve(exponential / adjustable rate control)
  • Fail safe(radio waves / battery)
  • Epa
  • Offset
  • Bind
  • Base
  • Function
  • Th type(70:30/50:50)
  • Anti-lock brake
  • Model name(10 letters)
  • Model memory(20 models)
  • Model(select/clear/copy)
  • Timer(lap / interval / down)
  • Logger
  • Alert setting
  • Telemetry setting
  • Key assign(sw / trim)
  • Buzzer(scale / volume changeable)
  • Transmitter battery alarm
  • Lcd contrast
  • Volume adjustment
  • Setup wizard
  • Rf mode setting(fh5)
  • Response mode (nor/shr/ssr/sur)
  • Direct model select
  • Aux1(select the operation type of 3ch)
  • Aux2(select the operation type of 4ch)
  • Aux type setting:
    • Code aux (compatible with super vortex gen2 and gen2 pro & pgs servo
    • Series & sgs-02 menu)
    • Step aux (step 1 to 100)
    • Point aux (2 to 6 point)
    • 4ws mixing (front/rear/normal/reverse
    • Moa mixing(front-wheel-drive/4wd/rear-wheel-drive)
    • *drive rate is variable.
    • Aux mixing (st mixing, th mixing)