Tamiya 10.5T Brushless 540 Motor TBLM-02S OP1611 Sensored 54611

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This is a Next Generation Tamiya Brushless motor. The motor design incorporates sensor technology, which allows the motor to communicate efficiently with the electronic speed controller (ESC) in your model, allowing efficient performance


  • Provides smooth operation at both low and high speeds.
  • Brushless design makes for long motor life and reduced maintenance cycles.
  • Ideally suited to use with Item 45066 Tamiya Brushless ESC 03 (Sensored). Also compatible with Item 45047 (TBLE-01S) and Item 45057* (TBLE-02S).
  • When using Item 54611 (10.5T) with Item 45057 (TBLE-02S), it is highly recommended to install Item 45063 TFU-01 ESC Cooling Fan Unit to ESC, as ESCs overheat protection function may be activated due to excessive load.
  • Motor timing is adjustable.