Tamiya TT-02 TYPE-SR RC Car Chassis Kit 47439

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The TT-02 series continues to expand with a new high-performance variant. The TT-02 Type- SR is a chassis which takes the Type-S and combines it with a range of racing parts. The result: a fun, smooth and fast inexpensive drive straight out of the box!

Featured Components:
Bushings for Adjustable Suspension Mounts (54922)
42mm Lightweight Rear Swing Shafts (53502)
TT-02 Oil Gear Differential Unit (54875)
5x5mm Hex Ball Connectors (53968)
M-Chassis Aluminum Damper Set (54000)
Full Ball Bearings
42mm Double Cardan Drive Shafts (42239)
TT-02 Differential Locking Block (54649)
Open Face 5mm Reinforced Adjusters (54869)
TT-02 Lower Deck (Hard)
FRP Damper Stays (Front & Rear)
Hex Head Screws

New Parts for this variant:
Steel Adjustable Rear Suspension Mount
Flanged Steering Linkage Pipes
1/10 scale R/C chassis assembly kit. Length: 361mm, width: 185mm. Wheelbase: 257mm.
Steel adjustable suspension mounts included. It uses plastic bushings which can be exchanged to allow a huge range of toe and roll center settings.
New flanged pipes in the steering linkage ensure smooth motion and superior durability.
The front of the car uses double-cardan drive shafts, and the rear lightweight shafts, resulting in highly efficient drive.
Included pen face adjuster designs and hex hole ball connectors mean swift adjustments.
Requires: 2-Channel Radio system, steering servo, ESC, 540-Motor, 7.2volt battery with compatible charger, and 190mm sports car body set.