Tamiya 1/10 Zahhak DN-01 2WD Electric Off Road RC Buggy Kit 58477

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The Pure Thrill of 2WD
This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit of the Zahhak, a 2WD buggy which was developed from the expert-level TRF201 buggy. The chassis features the same basic layout as the TRF201, including a longitudinal battery position, 4-wheel double wishbone suspension with long-span suspension arms, and a compact rear-mounted gearbox. In addition, the kit comes with CVA shock units and separated-type diff joints which contribute to its superb off-road performance. Front wide grooved and rear dual block pattern tires are mounted on fluorescent pink wheels*. A newly designed body and rear wing completes this high-potential 2WD racing buggy.

Well-Balanced DN-01 Chassis
The 2WD DN-01 has a longitudinal battery position with R/C units placed on either side for optimum balance. Flat chassis underside enables superb skid characteristics. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is coupled with long-span suspension arms, CVA shock units, and an aluminium front suspension mount. Monocoque front chassis section features a steering crank with built-in servo saver. In addition, the drivetrain features full ball bearings and the fully-enclosed gearbox is equipped with a ball differential. Further upgrading to TRF201 specifications is possible by installing separately available Hop-Up Option parts.


  • Length: 382mm, Width: 249mm, Height: 136mm, Weight: Approx. 910g (not including motor, pinion, R/C units, battery pack)
  • Wheelbase: 272mm
  • Tread: Front=249mm, Rear=244mm
  • Bathtub Type Chassis Frame
  • Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Front & Rear Double Wishbone Suspension
  • CVA Shock Units
  • Tire Width/Diameter: Front=19/60mm, Rear=35/62mm
  • Gear Ratio=8.22:1~10.27:1
  • Motor not included, Requires Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately)