Tamiya Scania R620 Highline Blue Edition Full Operation RC RTR 1/14 Truck 23674-600

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Debuted in 2004, the Scania long haulage-size R series is prominently seen in Europe, Asian and other countries that transport large cargo. In 2005, due to its worldwide popularity, the Scania R Series was named the International Truck of the Year. The R620 6x4 is known for its ability to tow heavy equipment due to the powerful 620hp 16-liter V8 diesel turbo engine and rear double axles. Tamiya now offers this powerful 6-wheeled truck as a red finished model.

Specs and Features:

  • LEDs accurately recreate the trucks front and rear lights.
  • Attach the Multi Function Control Unit (MFC-01) to provide sound effects such as attaching/detaching any of the currently available trailers, as well as other easily distinguishable truck sounds.
  • Highly detailed truck bodies are expertly painted for the most accurate appearance possible.
  • Each truck comes with Multi-Function Unit MFC-01 (ITEM 56511) pre-installed to recreate fully controllable light, sound, and vibration actions.
  • 9 types of ultra-bright LED lights include headlights, fog lamps, and turn signals.
  • 24 types of digitally-recorded sound effects include air-brake, shift change, and reverse signal.
  • Vibration unit enables realistic vibrations synchronized with engine sound effects.
  • Includes 4-channel transmitter.
  • 3-Speed Transmission allows gear shifting to be controlled during driving for added realism.
  • Metal leaf spring suspension.
  • Cabin tilts forward just like the full-sized truck.
  • Type RS540 motor included.
  • Also compatible with a wide range of Tractor Truck Option Parts for further customization.
  • Factory assembled


  • Length: 520mm, Width: 187mm, Height: 293mm, Weight (without options): Approx. 3.7kg
  • Wheelbase: 237+103mm
  • Tread: 156mm (Front), 138mm (Rear, Double Tire)
  • Chassis: Aluminum & Polycarbonate Resin Ladder Frame
  • Suspension: Front/Rear Leaf Springs
  • Caster Angle (Front/Rear): 0°/0°
  • Camber Angle: 0°(Front & Rear)
  • Toe Angle: 0°(Front & Rear)
  • Dampers: Aluminum Dummy Dampers (Front & Rear)
  • Drivetrain: Rear Double Axle Drive
  • Transmission: 3-gear transmission (gear shifting operated via transmitter)
  • Gear Ratio: (1st Gear) 32.49:1, (2nd Gear) 17.76:1, (3rd Gear) 10.66:1
  • Diff. Gear: 3-bevel diff
  • Motor: Type RS540
  • Tire Width: 22mm (Front & Rear)
  • Tire Diameter: 83mm (Front & Rear)
  • Included Items: 4-channel transmitter, MFC-01, 2 servos.


  • Eight R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter,
  • 7.2V running battery
  • charger (sold separately)