Tamiya Volvo FH12 Globetrotter Full Operation RTR 1/14 RC Truck T23646

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Volvo’s flagship model FH series was chosen as the European Track of the Year in 1994. Among them, a multi-function control unit was installed in a motorized radio control car modelling the FH12 glove trotter 420 which adopted a long and high-cab type body and made it a complete model. Reproduce plenty of feeling of the cab overtype dignified form. Attractive chassis composition made by using metal parts frequently for ladder frame and leaf springs. Furthermore, the power of the motor mounted on the front is transmitted from the 3rd speed transmission to the rear wheel via the propeller shaft. The power train is as it is. Of course, you can also gear change 3rd gear while driving, widen the pleasure of manoeuvring. In the main unit “MFC - 01” which can be said as the heart of the multifunction control unit, we adopted the technology cultivated in 1/16 RC tank as well as the sound recording from the actual car, and the electrical, sound, driving and vehicle body vibration We develop a system that performs total control, making it feel as if you are steering a real car. In addition to visual and auditory fun, you can experience comfortable driving on powerful vehicles. (ITEM T56302) Trailer head Volvo FH12 Globetrotter 420 is a complete model equipped with a trailer head multifunction control unit. Body colour red.


Pre-assembled and painted RTR TAMIYA VOLVO FH12 FULL OP RED FIN.

Tamiya 4-Channel Radio Control Handset


  • 4x AA batteries
  • 7.2v Battery
  • Charger