Vanquish VTS Stance 4.65" Dual Stage Foam Inserts RC Rock Crawler 1/10 VPS10305

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VTS Stance 4.65" Dual Stage Foams are designed to increase tyre stability and performance when mated with Vanquish Products Red Compound tyres. The firm inner closed cell foam has been shaped to fit the tyre and wheel profile providing sidewall stability and predictability on trail. The soft outer foam layer is designed to let the tire tread pattern conform to terrain and increase traction.
The 4.65" Stance Dual Stage foam is developed specifically for the Vanquish Products Falken Wildpeak MT tyre and is well suited for most 4.5"-4.65" tall 1.9 tyres.

The inner closed cell and outer open cell foams are glued together for consistency and ease of install.


  • Foam Width at outer layer: 40mm (1.6")
  • Foam Outer Diameter: 117mm (4.6")
  • Suitable for Vanquish Products 0.8" and 1.0" wide wheels
  • Suggested use: Falken Wildpeak MT Red Compound VPS10103


  • 2pcs dual stage foams