Yokomo Super Dog Fighter 870C 2023 1/10 4x4 Off-Road RC Buggy Y-YZ-870C

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This chassis kit, which has captivated off-road fans around the world, faithfully reproduces the FRP chassis, 2-belt drive, double wishbone suspension, and other features that can be considered the originals of modern machines. The chassis kit also features a short size Li-Po battery holder and a gear differential so that it can be driven on circuits, etc. The main chassis has a slot for a 6-cell battery, the front and rear gear boxes are made of cast aluminum, and the wheels/tyres are 1.9inch. The body is of course equipped with a roof duct that reproduces the shape of those days, and the wing is fixed with wires for a nostalgic touch, making this a legendary model that is great for both driving and display.

  • Product packaging: Highly reproducible packaging reminiscent of 1987.
  • Main chassis: FRP main chassis has slots for sub-C size batteries, and thick/thin short LiPo batteries can also be installed.
  • Suspension arms and knuckles: The suspension arms are the same size as the original, and the front and rear knuckles are made of aluminum.
  • Bulkhead : The aluminum bulkhead is a faithful reproduction of the original model. Bulkhead cap and rod ends are also reproduced in milky white color.
  • Body, under cowl, and wing: The body, under cowl, and rear wing are all reproduced exactly as they were in the original model.
  • Shock Towers: The original FRP front and rear shock towers are reproduced as is.
  • Differential Gear and Main Gear: Front and rear gear differentials and slipper clutches are included as standard equipment to accommodate current power sources.
  • Shocks: The original anodized aluminum color is reproduced, and the adjustable nut system allows for a wide range of capacity settings.
  • Tyres and Wheels: Tire patterns, wheel colors and sizes are reproduced in their original dimensions.


  • Transmitter & Receiver
  • Battery & Charger
  • ESC
  • Servo
  • PS Paint
  • Tools To Assemble