YOKOMO YD-2SX3 RWD Drift Car Kit 1/10th Scale (Graphite Chassis)

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The SX series, which enhances traction with a high mount motor, has been redesigned to double deck specifications! Corresponding to high speed driving with a significant improvement in pitching rigidity, quick handling and sharp turning has evolved even further. The front bulkhead is fully loaded with optional parts, such as a one-piece aluminium body, and this is already a competitive kit that responds quickly to severe steering operations.

Highly accurate and rigid aluminium integrated bulkhead

Equipped as standard with an integrated bulkhead that enhances assembly accuracy around the front. It increases the rigidity of the machine and improves straightness and left and right steering balance.

Slide rack provides ideal steering

The slide rack adopts a curved shape derived from repeated test runs. Eliminates the interference of the tie rods at the maximum turning angle, which was a straight negative point, and has high controllability even at deep drift angles, enabling comfortable driving. In addition, by mounting the slide rack body forward, the angle change of the tie rod with respect to the horizontal surface during steering operation is suppressed, and it is finished to have stable cornering characteristics over the entire turning angle.

Newly adopted Φ4.8mm rod end ball

For rod end balls such as tie rods and upper arms, Φ4.8mm, which has a proven track record in competition RC cars, is newly adopted. The smooth operation and high durability make it possible to finish the suspension and steering movements to the race level. Since the rod end plastic parts are open type, maintainability is also improved.

Achieves a drift angle with an amazingly deep angle

The front circumference optimized for RWD drift has achieved an amazing turning angle. It controls the machine even when driving at an angle and produces powerful driving.

Around the front with increased suppleness

By not using a bridge to connect the front bulk and the upper deck, the torsional rigidity around the front is supple. Even in the roll motion of the chassis, the front tires are less likely to get caught, and it is possible to run through corners smoothly with a slightly mild response.

Upper deck to increase pitching rigidity

Newly adopted graphite upper deck that achieves both supple roll and high pitching rigidity. It reduces wobbling during high-speed driving and strengthens the image of pushing the machine forward. On the rear side, by using a shaft to fix it to the gearbox, it has a structure that does not impair the roll feeling while ensuring pitching rigidity.

Compatible with various batteries with 2 types of holders

Comes with two types of lightweight battery holders, compatible with standard size to short Li-po batteries. In addition, the short Li-po has a shape that fits a thin battery, and can be equipped with all batteries for general 1/10 size RC cars.

Adjustable motor mount with variable rear traction

By changing the fixed position of the motor mount plate, the motor can be selected from 7 front and rear positions. This makes it possible to fine-tune the weight balance and obtain the optimum balance according to the road surface on which the vehicle is traveling.

Gain traction with short arm and new rear hub

The short arm of the rear suspension brings traction performance that maximizes the characteristics of drift tires. It is easy to apply a load even with a small roll motion, and the grip feeling is improved in the entire corner. In addition, the rear hub carrier is also equipped with a new model compatible with the high upper arm. Even when using tires with a flat tread surface, it is a setting that can effectively utilize the ground contact surface by changing the camber.

Vehicle height adjustable SLF shock

A super low friction shock in which the aluminium shock cylinder is treated with Kashima coat to reduce the frictional resistance with the piston to the utmost limit. For on-road use, a 11.2mm big bore cylinder with the largest capacity in its class is used. Since the vehicle height is adjustable, the vehicle height can be changed simply by rotating the spring tensioner, and it is compatible with springs of various lengths. Of course, by finely adjusting the damping force by changing the shock oil and piston, the optimum setting can be obtained according to various road surfaces and driving conditions.

4-gear transmission that produces unparalleled acceleration

Inside a dedicated gearbox that transmits drive from the spur gear to the rear through the underside of the motor. The 4-gear transmission also has a structure that increases rear traction due to the rotational torque during acceleration, so it is more suitable for low mu road surfaces. The rear differential is equipped with a 4-pinion gear differential. The axle is made of newly designed lightweight aluminium, and by attaching a resin adapter to the universal shaft side, it prevents wear and reduces backlash to improve throttle response.


  • 1/10 size RWD drift car
  • Matte graphite double deck chassis
  • High mount motor
  • Motor position 7-step adjustable aluminium special motor mount
  • Newly designed steering block / rear hub carrier
  • Aluminum / Graphite Roundly Slide Rack
  • Aluminum integrated front bulkhead
  • Four-wheel independent double wishbone suspension
  • Adjustable aluminium SLF oil shock
  • Aluminum front / rear shock tower
  • RWD dedicated high angle steering system
  • Sealed 4-bevel gear differential
  • Sealed 4-gear transmission
  • Large rear diffuser
  • Full Length: 425mm
  • Full Width:198mm
  • Wheelbase: 256mm

What is Required

  • 2-channel radio set (Transmitter, Receiver, Speed Controller, Servo)
  • Steering Gyro
  • Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Motor
  • 1/10 Drift Car Tyres
  • Wheels for 1/10 Drift Car
  • 1/10 body for Drift Car
  • Polycarbonate Paint for Body Painting