YX RC Eurocopter EC-135 6 Axis Gyro Stabilized 350mm Scale RTF RC Helicopter F06

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The Eurocopter EC135, now Airbus Helicopters H135, is a twin-engine civil light utility helicopter produced by Airbus Helicopters, formerly known as Eurocopter. It is mainly used for air medical transport (medevac), corporate transport, law enforcement, offshore wind support, and military flight training. Half of them are in Europe and a quarter in North America.


  • It has high efficiency, power saving and long flight time. The blade is made of nylon + carbon fiber composite material, which has high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, no deformation and durability.
  • The use of an enlarged 4.3g digital steering gear, high torque, high accuracy, and accurate centering, response speed 60°/0.05ms, makes the aircraft fly accurately, feel good, and last longer.
  • Adopt 6-axis gyroscope. Responsive, can do aerobatic flying, can easily do rollover inverted flight, hurricane, pendulum and other actions.
  • Optimized advanced computing scheme, intelligent fixed height one key inverted flight, beginners can also easily grasp, understand the control essentials of inverted flight, familiar with direction control.
  • Using high-precision CNC carved frame, rotor head, rotor clamp, swashplate, optimized structure, reduced weight, and greatly reduced the probability of aircraft damage.
  • The canopy adopts hot runner injection molding process, which has good elasticity, toughness and is not easy to be damaged.
  • Adopt high precision CNC rotor head cross disk to optimize the structure, reduce the weight, and greatly reduce the chance of aircraft damage.
  • Includes a switchable 2.4GHz Mode 1/Mode 2 transmitter
  • Flight times of up to 8 minutes


  • Rotor diameter: 320mm
  • Body length: 350mm
  • Height: 120mm
  • Weight: 228g
  • Main motor: 2508-1280Kv Brushless motor
  • Tail motor: 1204-7000Kv Brushless motor
  • Radio Frequency Band: 2.4GHz
  • Battery: LiPo 7.4V 1200mAh 25C
  • Charging time: about 60 minutes
  • Use time: 8 minutes
  • Remote control distance (meters): 80-100 meters


  • EC-135 6 Axis Gyro Stabilized Scale RTF RC Helicopter
  • User Manual
  • Transmitter
  • USB Charger
  • 2pcs Main Blades
  • 1pcs Tail Blade
  • LiPo Battery
  • Hexagon wrench