YX RC SH60 Black Hawk Navy 420mm GPS Stabilized RTF RC Helicopter F09-H

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Now, you can bring the thrill and excitement of the F09-H Navy Helicopter right to your fingertips with our RC version. The F09-H Navy RC Helicopter is a meticulously crafted scale model, offering you an authentic and immersive flying experience

The F09-H Navy Helicopter is a marvel of modern aviation engineering, designed for versatility, power, and precision. Used by naval forces around the world, this helicopter is renowned for its robust design and advanced technology. Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, radar systems, and powerful engines, the F09-H can perform a variety of missions, from search and rescue to tactical combat support. Its sleek, aerodynamic frame and cutting-edge rotors ensure maximum stability and maneuverability, even in the most challenging conditions.


  • Aileron-Free Design: Dual-axis co-drive motor and electronic stabilization system for precise tactile feel and stable flight.
  • Aerodynamic Propeller Design: Provides strong power and body stability with high efficiency, low power consumption, and long flight time. Made of nylon+carbon fiber composite material for high strength, toughness, impact resistance, and durability.
  • 4004 630KV Brushless Motor: Self-stabilizing and co-drive motor reduces gear agitation, featuring low noise, high torque, and high efficiency. The high-temperature resistant magnetic steel can withstand up to 150℃ without damage.
  • Tail Locking Motor: Specially designed 1104 3900KV brushless motor with high temperature resistance, fast response speed, and stable tail locking.
    High-Precision CNC Rotor Head: Cross plate and optimized structure to reduce weight and minimize the probability of damage.
  • Intelligent Flight Control: Equipped with a GPS module, compass module, visual module, pressure and altitude control module. It offers multifunctional flight modes, including GPS stabilized, visual flight, manual and self-stabilizing mode. Safety features include one-click return, low electricity intelligent return, out of control return, one-click landing, electronic fence, one-click 8-shaped route flight, and one-click circular flight.
  • Advanced Remote Control: 8-channel high-precision remote control with 2.4GHz bidirectional communication protocol. The 1024 level operation feel high-definition display screen provides real-time feedback on important information such as aircraft power, flight speed, flight altitude, flight distance, flight direction, GPS quantity, etc.
  • Durable Casing: Made with hot runner injection molding technology for high simulation details, good elasticity, toughness, and resistance to damage.
  • Professional Customized Battery: High rate lithium polymer 11.1V 1350mAh 30C battery with high discharge rate, long service life, and flight time of about 9-12 minutes. Functions include preventing overcharging, over-discharging, and indicating low battery life.


  • Material: High strength composite material
  • Rotor Diameter: 425 mm
  • Body Length: 420 mm
  • Height: 120 mm
  • Fly Weight: 425 g
  • Radio Frequency Band: 2.4GHz
  • Charging Time: About 90 minutes
  • Flight Time: 9-12 minutes
  • Remote Control Distance: Over 300 meters
  • Body Battery: LI-POLY smart battery 11.1V (1350mAh) 30C
  • Packing Weight: 2900 g


  • 1pcs F09-H RC Helicopter
  • 1pcs Remote Controller
  • 2pcs Special Chargers
  • 1pcs Intelligent LiPo Battery
  • 4pcs Main Blades
  • 1pcs Tail Blade
  • 1pcs Hex Wrench
  • 1pcs Screwdriver
  • 1pcs User Manual


  • 4pcs 1.5v AA size batteries for transmitter

Unleash your inner aviator and experience the thrill of commanding the skies with the F09-H Navy RC Helicopter. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, this RC helicopter is sure to provide endless hours of excitement and adventure. Get ready to soar!