YX RC UH-60 Coast Guard 425mm GPS Stabilized RTF RC Helicopter F09S

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The YX RC UH-60 220 Size GPS Stabilized Helicopter is an exceptional radio-controlled helicopter perfect for enthusiasts seeking an incredible flying experience. The UH-60's flight stabilization system incorporates a GPS, a pressure sensor, and an optical sensor, allowing for position hold even in windy conditions. With convenient one-button return home and auto landing capabilities, this helicopter ensures hassle-free flight operations. The intelligent battery included with the helicopter features four status LEDs, providing real-time information about the battery's charge level. The UH-60's high level of scale detail, including LED lights and sliding side doors, add to its aesthetic appeal. The shock-absorbing landing gear helps in smooth landings and add scale detail, while the direct drive main motor ensures efficiency and reduced noise.


  • Package includes everything needed to fly*
  • Flight stabilization system includes GPS, pressure sensor, and optical sensor
  • Intelligent battery with LED status lights
  • Shock absorbing landing gear
  • Direct drive main motor
  • A high level of scale details


  • 420mm fuselage length
  • 120mm height
  • 425mm main rotor diameter
  • Helicopter weight 438g


  • UH-60 220 Size GPS Stabilized Helicopter RTF
  • 2.4GHz transmitter
  • 3S Charger
  • 3S 11.1V 1350mAh LiPo Battery


  • *4pcs 1.5v AA size batteries for transmitter